Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day. Enjoy the time with family and friends, doing something fun. I hope you all take a moment out of your day to remember the reason for this holiday, and it's not picnics, BBQ's, water skiing, or 4 wheeling. Take a moment to remember the men and women who gave their service and their lives to ensure that we have the freedoms we do today. The military has a special place in my heart. Both of my Grandfathers served, my dad served, my brother serves, and the love of my sweet nieces life serves. I am proud of and honored by the heritage of military service in my family.

Monday, May 24, 2010


My mom had her 50th class reunion in San Antonio, Texas this year. She decided to drive down because she doesn't care for flying. As I have a really good friend who lives near Houston, when invited to go with her, I said yes. It was a long drive down and back, but a ton of fun while I was in Texas, and a good opportunity to spend some time with my mom, just visiting and chatting. And, of course, being me, I got plenty of sleep in the car! Traveling down, we went through Wyoming, part of Nebraska, part of Colorado, Kansas, a bit of Oklahoma, and then into Texas

Yes, that is snow! It was so, so cold in Wyoming!! There were huge patches of snow on the ground, and we actually outran a snowstorm that came in the second day of our trip. Yes, in May.

My mom had her 50th class reunion in San Antonio, Texas

The road was never ending! But the scenery was very pretty.

Unfortunately, I had to work on the trip. I was able to write reports in the car.

We got hit with a horrible rain and thunderstorm while we were driving through Texas. It only lasted about a half hour & the rainbow after was beautiful and made me think of a dear friend.

Once we got to Texas, I dropped mom in San Antonio, and then I went on to Houston to spend the weekend with my awesome friend, Erin! On Friday, we went to Galveston and went to what's called the Moody Gardens, which is very cool. They have a tropical rain forest with beautiful flowers and trees, very cool birds, and the cutest turtles. They also have an aquarium that was cool. And then we went to the beach, which I was so, so excited about! It was wonderful to get dig my toes in the sand and roll my capris up above my knees and let the water wash over my legs.

After a fabulous few days with Erin, I went back to San Antonio to pick up mom. We went on a riverboat ride, which was gorgeous, before starting home.

The river is on two levels, so there is a lock system, which was really cool! They steered us into this bay and the doors closed behind us. They they filled the bay with water and lifted up the boat so we were on the level with the other doors, which then opened and we continued on the upper level of the river. Coming back, they did the opposite, letting the water out of the bay so we could lower to the lower level.

Then started the long trip home. Coming home, we went through western Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah, before finally and wonderfully arriving home! It was a wonderful trip, with a lot of memories made, but as always, it was wonderful to be home.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I know, I know I have been MIA!!! But for a very good reason. I have been traveling and on vacation, enjoying the great state of Texas!!

I will be home tomorrow afternoon & will catch up the blog on my trip, of course with the many, many pictures I have taken!!