Sunday, August 30, 2009

How beautiful are they?

It was so fun to have Wendy & Andrea with us for the weekend! We had to take them to the bus after church yesterday, so I grabbed some photos of Josh & the girls together outside the church. How lucky am I to have such good looking nieces and nephews?

Andrea, Josh & Wendy

Nice face Josh!

Three good looking kids!

Of course, since Emmett was with us at church, I had to sneak him in there.

Soccer Game #2--SR wins 2-1!!

Yesterday afternoon was SR's second soccer game. They played filer & won 2-1. This year's team is really good & they seem to have great chemistry!! They're coming together so well already. They are really responding to their new coach. I'm thinking this should be a really, really fun season!! In the photos below, Josh is #5

One of the dads owns a scrap metal yard. Someone sold the yard an old Dorito delivery truck. It has been turned into the soccer truck. Hamburgers and hot dogs, etch will be sold from the truck to be used as a fund raiser for the soccer team. It went well yesterday & after the game, they had a BBQ for the conquering heroes, the soccer team.

The loyal fans

Andrea, catching a nap before the game & Wendy

Watching the game

Mike taking a corner kick

Josh with the ball

The soccer Dorito truck

Steve's a funny guy

Waiting for the burgers

Cooper & Josh heading for lunch

Relaxing, waiting for their burgers

Friday, August 28, 2009

Fun visit from my girls!

I am so excited that two of my wonderful, beautiful nieces are here for the weekend!! Wendy and Andrea live in Vermont, but were in Utah visiting family on their mom's side. They came up this afternoon to visit with us for the weekend. We get them til we sadly have to send them back to Utah on Sunday afternoon so that they can catch their flight home to Vermont Monday morning. I sure do love these two girls! They are so sweet and kind! They are strong girls who know what they want in life. They know what is important to them and make the choices that will help them get to where they want to be!

Andrea in the car on the way home

Coming home from Josh's first cross country meet


Wendy playing the piano

Andrea and Wendy stumping Josh on a riddle

Wendy trying to help Josh get the riddle

Josh just did not get it at all!

Laughing at Josh

Soccer Game #1--SR wins 3-0!!

Wednesday was the first soccer game of the season! SR beat South Fremont3-0, both the boys and the girls teams. The boys team has a new coach this year & Josh had high hopes about his playing time this year. He started the game & got a ton of playing time. He was really stoked. They played really, really well. Watching them, I think that this is a better team than they were last year. Last year, they came close to making it to state, so here's hoping this year they'll be able to make it all the way!

See Jen? My camera's just not good enough--I need you!

Josh going for a kick

Josh again

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Soccer Practice

With back to school has come back to soccer. Soccer practice is in full swing, and their first game is tomorrow night! I took a couple of photos of them at practice last night & of course will have the camera out tomorrow--Go Panthers!

Josh is in the brown, juggling the ball as he heads back to the team. On a total side note, look at the huge bales of straw in the field in the background! I love harvest season!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bringing Down The Tree

We have had a group of three trees in the backyard. This year, one of those trees died. We've known we needed to do something about it, but haven't gotten around to it. Our home teacher is Josh's Young Men's leader, and Ladd found out that we had this dead tree. So when they were looking for a service project for today, Ladd decided that our tree was it. So this morning, we had about 10 young men and 3 leaders show up to handle our tree. They did a great job--they had the tree down & hauled away and all of the debris raked off the lawn in less than an hour. They were rewarded with warm brownie and lemonade!

Thanks guys! I appreciate you giving up part of your Saturday to help with this!

Todd Woods going after the tree

jason, Brian, Jaren, & Josh waiting to pull the tree

Jordan, Terrance, Jason, Ladd & Jaren

the boys getting instruction from Bishop Thurston

Josh & Emmett working hard

Getting ready to pull the tree over!

Ladd cutting up the branches

Josh hauling off limbs

Kevin Warren cutting up the trunk

Todd Woods on the other part of the trunk

Daylor & Jason hauling off limbs

Emmett being cheesy

Elwin gathering branches

Josh raking

Emmet making his contribution for the day