Monday, June 29, 2009

Thank You April!

I got the funnest package in the mail today! My dear friend April read my post on my blog about thinking that Bella's song from Twilight was so pretty. Being the kind, thoughtful person that she is, she somewhere rooted up the sheet music for me of not only Bella'Lullaby, but also of a song called River Flows In You that I have discovered today a lot of Twilight fans thought should be Bella's Lullaby. She also sent me a disc with both songs on it! Both are now on my i-tunes, where they will be played regularly & I have already sat down at the piano to mess with the sheet music for both. They are a far cry from the Primary songs I have been playing lately, but it will be good to stretch my fingers out and actually play again. Thank you so much April!!!

Here's the Youtube of River Flows In You for those who have never heard it. It's super, super pretty.

Monday, June 22, 2009

What have we been up to?

I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted. So, what have we been up to around here?

The dog shows in Blackfoot were a couple of weeks ago. As always, we were there! We worked this year, as we don't have anything to show right now. It was fun to get to be there & getting paid for it is always a perk!

Josh got me a GPS! How sweet was that? He knew I've been sort of wanting one, because it would make my life so much easier with work, but he also knew that I was far, far too cheap to ever actually buy one! He found them on sale last week & gave me a wonderful surprise! I used it for the first time for a trip last week & it was amazing!

Josh got a super short haircut! His hair had gotten so darn long & he finally got a chance to get it cut. It's so short!

Josh went on a work trip with me last week while he was off work. Good trip--I got tons of work done & he beat the game he was playing on his Gameboy!

Josh is doing a summer basketball program. Their first tournament was at West Jefferson. They had fun on what they called their "road trip"!

Josh & a bunch of friends went to Hannah's dance competition in Idaho Falls. She's so good & does a great job!!

There was a basketball tournament at Snake River this last weekend. Josh's JV team won the championship game! Yay for them! They did great!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another pretty song

I seem to be in the music mood these days. I am not at all a Twilight fan--in fact, I regularly mock my nephew for having read the books and watched the movie. But I have to admit, this song is so very pretty. I'm going to have to add this to the list of sheet music I want to get & learn.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Check it Out!

Any of you who know my mom, know that she is a quilter. In fact, as I type this, she is working on her next project.

I have been trying for years to talk her into making her quilts available to people outside of the family. Not HER quilts that she's already done, but custom quilts designed for her customer. I have finally gotten her to agree to let me build her a website and see what happens. So, I have finally gotten a blog site up and running for her. Check it out!

Gorgeous Song

I got this song from my friend Charly's blog. This is just a beautiful song. It has very quickly become a favorite! I went to Jon Schmidt's website...I had never heard of him before seeing this video. He has some beautiful music, in addition to this song. I love to play the piano, and believe that I'm pretty good at it--I'd be much better if I put a little more effort into it! But I am in total awe of people who have the ability and talent to make music such as this--and not just to make it, but to create the way he does.

I can't wait for the sheet music to be made available, as this is one song I really, really want to learn to play!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm so jealous!

I know, I know, jealousy is not a good thing! But I'm jealous anyway! My brother John got to go home to New England for almost 2 weeks last month. He got to visit my brother's family in Vermont and my brother's family in Connecticut. I haven't been home in 5 years & got so homesick from his photos. But he hasn't been able to go home to visit since my brother got married 11 years ago, so I'm way happy for him that he got to make this trip. Now we just need to get us all back in New England at the same time!!
My brother Bob's house in Vermont. Below is their sugar shack. They tap their own maple trees and got a bunch of maple syrup this year.

Bob's barn
The stream behind my brother's house
My nephew Michael

These first two photos are so typically New England!

There are covered bridges everywhere all around New England. I never really paid alot of attention to them when I lived there, but now that I'm not there very often, I sure miss them!

Look how handsome my oldest brother is!
my cute niece Sarah
My nephew Michael playing baseball

Bob & my niece Andrea running
Bob is a volunteer firefighter in their little town
John & his high school track coach--Coach Tetlow
My handsome brother Andy
My sister in law Cherie, who I adore!
My nephew TylerMy nephew Billy
The sign into our old town
Ledyard High School
The old homestead. This is the house that was built from the ground up by my family. It was so hard to leave this house when we moved! Even now, 16 years later, see the photo John sent made me almost cry!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stormy night

So after a beautiful day in Idaho, we have ended the evening with a fierce thunderstorm that included hail. Josh went outside to take photos of the clouds, because they were really cool. He got some terrific photos.