Sunday, January 17, 2010

All is Right in my World Again....

This was the scene around my breakfast table this morning. After 2 weeks of restriction for both Josh & Emmett after a New Years Eve incident, Emmett was back at our house for the weekend. My two favorite teenage boys are back, eating all my food and making me laugh almost non stop! And since there's no school tomorrow, I get them for another day.

Winter Fest & Birthday lunch

Yesterday was a good day. It started off with lunch with two of my best friends. I have known Jenni & Amy half my life, since my parents moved me to Idaho in 8th grade. I met Jenni my first day at school after we moved here & we because immediate friends. One of the biggest regrets in my life is that Jenni and I drifted apart after high school and lost each other for a number of years. And one of the biggest blessings in my life in the last few years is that Jenni and I have been able to find each other again and settle back into our close friendship. So the three of us went to Bajio's for lunch. If you've never been there, you should--it's a really good Mexican grill. Lunch was good, but the company was awesome! It was fun to be able to sit and relax and have some girl time! Thanks guys--I love you!!

Last night was the Winter Fest dance at Snake River. Josh took a good friend of his, Hannah, and they doubled with Josh's best friend Emmett and his date, Whitney. They went bowling & then came here for diner & to Emmett's house for dessert. They were such a fun group--they laughed the entire time they were here.

They enjoyed dinner & then decided to play "the spoon game" which isn't really so much a game as it is a chance to pick on the one who doesn't know what the joke is. Emmett was the "dummy" last night. Once he realized he was being conned & whacked on the head by Josh, he decided to try to get even.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Love him!!!

Josh always makes me laugh! I love that boy. He always seems to be able to sense my mood & know what I need sometimes even before I do. Yesterday, he sent me a text that said. You've seemed sad. I just want you to know I love you. He's such a good guy.

Sunday, he made me laugh so hard. He was wearing old sweats and a pair of nasty old work boots with a wife beater undershirt. I told him to get dressed for dinner before he came to the table. So my goofy guy comes out "dressed for dinner" Yep, this is really what he wore!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Birthday

I started off my birthday in Boise, and worked my way east and home. I stopped at the overlook of the canyon in Twin Falls, which I never take time to do and had to take a picture--it's so beautiful.

Today may go down in the record books as one of my worst birthdays. I hurt someone I care a lot about very much. I damaged a relationship that means a lot to me and don't know how to fix it. I received very undeserved forgiveness, but don't know how to go about forgiving myself for what I did and repairing the relationship.

I'm glad the day is almost over--this is a birthday I'll be glad to put behind me.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Love this hotel

I find myself in Boise tonight for work. I travel over here about once every 6 weeks. Boise's one of my favorite places to work--it's a great city, I have a terrific friend who lives here, and I get to do some of my favorite work here. When I'm here, I always stay at the same hotel. the Inn America, which I love! The staff here is so good. When I walk in the lobby, they know who I am and have my paperwork ready and prepared for me. They know me by name and know what my room preferences are. When I asked the manager this morning for directions to the restaurant I was meeting a friend at for lunch, she remembered this evening when I got back & asked me how it was. In addition to terrific service, the price can't be beat! There are very few hotels where you get a nice, newly remodeled room, a good location, and awesome service for $45.00. I would recommend this hotel to anyone needing to stay in the Boise area.

My brand newly remodeled room--I am the first guest to be in this new room!

I met a terrific old friend for lunch today. She took me to a restaurant called Tuscano's, which is a Brazilian grill. It was amazing, fantastic, delicious, wonderful! I absolutely loved it. But the best part was spending time with a good friend that I haven't seen as much as I should have over the years!

One of my inspections today was up in the foothills outside the city. The view from up there was absolutely beautiful. I can't imagine ever tiring of having this view overlooking the entire city and valley.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!!!

Today is my mom and dad's anniversary...#48. My dad has been gone 15 years now, but as I truly believe that theirs is an eternal love and marriage, I still celebrate today as their anniversary and know that mom does as well.

My mom and dad were an amazing example to me of how a marriage should be. I knew every single day of my life that they loved each other. More than that, they liked and respected each other. I always know that the most important things to both my mom and dad were each other and us kids. From my parents, I learned that marriage is a special bond to be shared with your best friend and the love of your life. My mom set the bar super, super high for me by marrying the best man I have ever known.

I love you mom & dad! And for all of us, the 5 kids, 21 grandkids, and 2 great grandchildren who have so far come from your marriage, I thank you for falling in love and for being the people that you are!!!

What did we do during Christmas Vacation?

We played! We relaxed, we slept in, we had fun, we hung out with friends. We enjoyed the company of good neighbors and shared good food. We went to wedding receptions and parties. We played in the snow. It was a fun couple of weeks. It feels like now we're back to the real world of school for Josh & work for Liza. Ahh, thank goodness we have vacations & holidays to break up real life!!